Monday, September 10, 2012

Trip to Glacier National Park - Part 3 (West Glacier & Waterton Lake)

Finally we reached West Glacier, Glacier National Park, MT. We camped in our popup for the next five days. The campground was next to McDonald Lake. What a beautiful place. First day we checked with the Canadian visitor center (West Glacier) to plan our trip to Waterton National Park across the border.  To take our 14 pound dog with us, we had to have his vaccination records which we didn’t take. The daycare also couldn’t take him. Our Vet, faxed the records to visitor center within an hour. We are thankful to the vet and people in the visitor center for all their help. 
West Glacier
My family
Canadian visitor center in West Glacier
“Waterton Lakes National Park” is a national park located in the southwest corner of Alberta, Canada, and borders Glacier National Park in Montana, USA. Waterton was Canada's fourth national park, formed in 1895 and named after Waterton Lake, in turn after the Victorian naturalist and conservationist Charles Waterton. The park contains 195 sq mi (505 ) of rugged mountains and wilderness. In 1932, Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park was formed from Waterton and Glacier. It was dedicated to world peace by Sir Charles Arthur Mander on behalf of Rotary International. Although the park has a lot of diversity for its size, the main highlight is the Waterton lakes—the deepest in the Canadian Rockies—overlooked by the historic Prince of Wales Hotel National Historic Site (Info taken from
Driving to Waterton National Park
Canadian border
Boat ramp, Waterton Lake
My kids, Nidhi & Ratna
Prince Wales Hotel
 Boat ride to US side
US-Canada Border
Goat Haunt - US side
 View from Prince Wales hotel
Wildlife in town
Cameron Lake


Snap said...

Looks like you had a wonderful trip! Lovely shots. Beautiful scenery.

Luna Miranda said...

what amazing photos you took. beautiful views--the water is inviting!:p

Sylvia K said...

Terrific captures of a beautiful place! It's always been a favorite of mine for many years!! These were like one more delightful visit! Thanks for the memories!!

Robert Geiss said...

What wonderful world you live in.

Please have a good Tuesday.

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Fun60 said...

What a beautiful lake and surroundings.