Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Comedy of errors

Recently I bought a digital SLR, a NIKON D5000, for my wife, not because we were interested in photography but we wanted to save the memories of our kids growing up.

In the past I always made fun of people who are new to photography since they made us stand still for a long time while making adjustments to their camera. So I was never interested in Manual modes, point and shoot was more than good enough for me.

When we got this camera, I wanted to try manual modes. Within no time it was getting interesting. Thanks to my co-worker Al Spinks (he has a photography blog at who gives me tips and advices. One day, I took my camera with me when I went to pick up my daughter from preschool.

While I was taking pictures of the books, shelves, tables and chairs in her class, two kids came to me and asked if I would take their pictures. I asked them to stand, started adjusting my camera for aperture mode. It took a while to get the setting right (to me). By the time I clicked it, the boy saw his dad at the door and started running pushing the girl away. Here is that picture.

I was very unhappy about myself. Seeing the picture, the girl consoled me and said she would stand again. I thanked her and got back to my camera. This time, I was careful not to let her stand for a long time. Before I clicked, her mom made some comment and the girl started shaking her head shouting NO. Here is that shot.

Lessons learned:
Children are not made to stand still. They MOOOOOOOOOVE……

Thursday, February 11, 2010

If they can't eat rice, give them bread...

"If they can't eat bread, give them Cakes". You may have heard this. These were the famous words of Marie Antionette during the french revolution. Many think it's a propaganda. Doesn't matter to me for this post.

When we were growing up, our staple food was rice. One ate rice more than three times a day, every day and it was perfect. Bread was expensive that time eating bread, we considered a fortune.

However, when we fell sick with flu, it was a dream come true. We were given milk and bread. Those were the only times I wished I got sick.

"If they can't eat rice... Give them bread...." :-)