Monday, May 17, 2010

Driving around Denver

A couple of weeks ago we spent a day with my cousin in the suburbs of Denver. This post is the description of that trip.

A walk in the neighborhood...

Sunrise around the corner

Just after the sunrise

A roundabout sign (you don't see too many of them around here)

Drive to Denver downtown...
Usually I am the designated driver but this time I was on the passenger's seat for a change. That gave me an opportunity to take some pictures from the moving car. The weather was cloudy and foggy expecting snow.

 Decorations inside his car

A signboard with Rocky Mountains in the background

A railroad track

Traffic-jam during our drive on Sunday (near Denver)

Denver downtown from a distance

Denver center for performing arts

Colorful apartment buildings

Dull spring

Walk around downtown...
Some colorful buildings

French restaurant we had lunch from

Graffiti on the wall

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Denver museum of natural history

Last Friday we visited the Denver museum of natural history. One of the best museums I had seen. Life like stuffed animals were simply superb.

We also saw the "Body worlds (" exhibition of plastination (here is a picture from google search But we were not allowed to take photos :-(

Entrance to the museum 

Inside the museum

Stuffed animals and birds in their habitat (The displays were behind huge glass and amazingly life like)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

North East Colorado Springs

On Tuesdays I take my two daughters for Indian classical music. It's an hour session and the teacher lives near the Fox Run park. So I take my camera with me and walk around that neighborhood. Flying Horse is a newer development near Roller coaster road and highway 83. This time I went around the park in that area.
Here are some picture from the children's park.

I took a few pictures of a tower in different perspectives. You can see this tower near highway 83

Here is the picture of the roller coaster road. You have to drive that road to see how it feels. This picture doesn't do justice to the view from the top.